Philip Colt Moss can get swept up in his professional life as a trial defense lawyer. He works for Wandro and Associates, where he has “worked and handled many unemployment cases for my clients,” as well as personal injury cases and much more. Moss has lived in Iowa for his entire life, even graduating from The University of Iowa in Iowa City in 2007. He travels frequently, however, to many destinations around the world.

Philip Colt Moss: Traveling to Gain Perspective

Philip Colt Moss says he gains perspective on his own life when seeing how other people live around the world. He tries to experience other people’s culture through their food, music, and their countrysides. Moss takes the lessons he’s learn on the road back with him to the United States, where he uses his enhanced perspective to keep himself calm and relaxed while working with his clients.

Philip Colt Moss has been to many destinations in Europe and Asia in his globe-hopping travels.

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