Philip Colt Moss : Benefiting from International Travel

Philip Colt Moss : Benefiting from International Travel

Philip Colt Moss is a charismatic, successful attorney who works with Wandro & Associates, P.C. He has stayed with the firm since passing the Iowa State Bar exam, applying creativity, hard work and strategy to helping his clients through rough situations.

His friends recall that Colt Moss has always demonstrated compassion, intellect and verve. One stated, “Through high school and college, both of which I attended with him, [Colt] demonstrated an astute propensity for learning and understanding politics, law and cultural sensitivities.”

Though Colt’s personality has been enthusiastic and caring since his childhood, international travel has broadened his understanding of the world and the people in it. With numerous countries across multiple continents under his belt, Colt Moss has become a better person because of his travels.

Philip Colt Moss : Benefiting from International Travel

A couple of the many benefits, both personal and professional, of exploring new countries are touched on below:

  • Learning

Though the comfort zone of familiar areas is nice, people learn more about themselves and others when they face uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations.

  • Confidence

Conquering the obstacles of being a foreigner in a strange country builds confidence. When you realized that you can navigate an unfamiliar land, struggles at home can seem smaller.

If you’d like to see the world and potentially have the most influential experience of your personal or professional life, consider volunteering or studying abroad. Philip Colt Moss has experience in volunteer work and international travel, and both have enriched his life.