Philip Colt Moss is a successful legal professional at Wandro & Associates, P.C. He has worked with the firm since 2011, first as a law clerk and then, after passing the Iowa State Bar exam and graduating with his Juris Doctor in 2012, as an attorney.

When working with clients, Colt Moss demonstrates compassion and dedication to each case, providing high-quality legal representation and counsel. He helps clients find optimism and hope in otherwise challenging times, stressing the importance of communication. To find the best legal outcomes for his clients, he applies enthusiasm, creativity, hard work and a strategic approach to the courtroom.

Colt’s diverse experience ranges from volunteering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to extensive international travel.

Philip Colt Moss: Outstanding Reputation
Colt Moss has traveled throughout Asia

He has traveled throughout Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. The areas that he has visited include the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France and England.

During his travels, Philip Colt Moss has learned about cultural diversity, experiencing different customs, habits, business patterns and politics. Traveling abroad helps such professionals learn to think differently and to feel compassion toward all people.

For Colt Moss, it enriched his already-caring demeanor. In the words of a close friend: “[Colt’s]
character is evident in what he is willing to do for others . . . Always quick to defend those that don’t stand confident behind their own voice.”